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Paisley Print Dress from Dorothy Perkins


Along with a wide variety of bold prints, paisley came to the peak of its popularity in women's fashion during the 1960s. Coupling the classic print with bright, psychedelic colours, this Paisley Print Dress captures that later sixties and early seventies aesthetic in an easy to wear item.

The dress has a relaxed cut, with a loose fit and capped sleeves creating a seventies silhouette that's reminiscent of the kimono styles popular at the time. The mini hemline ties into that crossover of eras, while the combination of florals into the paisley print adds a feminine retro appeal.

Get yours from Dorothy Perkins now for £24.

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Peter Pan Lace Dress from Dorothy Perkins

Much of the use of lace in retro fashion is in eighties looks, but the fabric's vintage use stretches much further beyond that. This Peter Pan Lace Dress from Dorothy Perkins has an effortless sixties chic that uses lace to great effect.

The sleeveless, structural cut creates the ideal mid-sixties silhouette, with a mini hemline and high neckline. With a statement collar and peep hole at the back, the simplicity of the dress allows a geometric lace pattern to shine.

Get it now from Dorothy Perkins for £35.

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Chiffon Pleat Dress by TFNC


With girly sixties styles, it's all about the balance of elements to prevent any piece looking over the top or clichéd. This Peter Pan Collar Dress by TFNC is a great example of a great use of feminine design points to create a chic retro look.

The mini dress shape balances a daringly short hemline with a high collar and long sleeves, while the loose a-line fit provides a chic sixties silhouette. Details like the peter pan notched collar are instantly vintage inspired, while the chiffon pleats add a cool sixties feel that's not often seen from high street designers.

It's available now from ASOS for £42.

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Fifi Dress by Heartbreaker Fashion


Heartbreaker Fashion may focus on 40s and 50s looks for most of their design influence, but it seems they can bring just as much of their usual flare to sixties pieces too. This Fifi Dress creates a chic mod style in a wide variety of colours and prints.

The dress structure is simple and effective, using a basic shift with an empire line. The sleeveless cut, a-line silhouette and contrasting folded collar all combine for a timeless mod style that doesn't put a foot wrong. The chosen prints available range from argyle (left), through houndstooth to more headturning floral prints (right).

Each version is available online from Heartbreaker Fashion for $80.

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Cherry Print Dress by Dolce & Gabbana


Cherry prints have become one of a few fabric choices that go hand in hand with retro fashion nowadays. Most often appearing in fifties styles, Dolce & Gabbana have taken the print forward to a sixties look with this Cherry Print Shift Dress.

The shift is kept classic in silhouette and cut, allowing for an all over print to look chic and stylish. With a high neckline countering the mini hem and sleeveless look, the shift flatters the figure without looking too tight or trashy to be truly sixties inspired.

It's available online in the UK from Matches Fashion for £320.

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60s Ponte Dress from Oasis


Now that the madness of January sales is almost over, interest can turn to what the high street's new lines have to offer in vintage inspiration. While there's no sign of much that's new just yet, some classic pieces like this 60s Ponte Dress from Oasis are worthy of attention.

In a striking and rich red shade, the colour carries a basic sixties look dress that's appealingly simple. The empire cut a-line skirt creates a great retro silhouette, while buttons and a peter pan collar give some cute details to balance the daringly short hemline. In a short sleeve, this dress is an ideal choice to transition out of your winter wardrobe.

Get it now from Oasis for £45.

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