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eBay watch: Reissued Harvey Guzzini Sorella space age table lamp by Nemo


Not the first time we've featured the design, as the Sorella table lamp by Harvey Guzzini has been something of a space age holy grail in the past. Not so anymore, as Nemo has bought the rights to this classic 1970s lamp and is selling official reissues right now.

Which essentially means much the same lamp for a fraction of the cost – these angled lamps tended to go for hundreds on eBay on good condition. If you aren't familiar with the Sorella, you don't watch enough old films and TV – this 1972 'Studio Tecnico Harvey' design featured prominently in the likes of Space 1999 and James Bond's Moonraker and still retains that futuristic look today.

Best of all with the new ones is the colour, no age discolouration here and of course, all the electrics will be checked and ready to go. Not too many sellers around in the UK, but Glasgow-based Spatial Lighting are official Nemo dealers and have stock of the new light right now, which they are selling at a fixed price online via eBay. A little cheaper than most too at £120. See the lamp 'in action' in Space 1999 over the page.

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eBay watch: 1970s Guzzini Sorella space age table lamp


Look familiar? Well, if you happen to be a fan of either Space 1999 or James Bond's Moonraker, the Guzzini Sorella space age table lamp probably does.

It was set item of choice for 70s 'space' TV and movies and you can see why this 1972 design by Studio Tecnico Harvey fit the bill – even now the angled light looks seriously ahead of its time.

Rarely seen on eBay, this particular example has no chips to the plastic and is sold with the original cord and switch. Slight discolouration with age as you might expect from plastic though. Currently starting at £125, that's a fraction of the price they usually go for on eBay. See over the page for a shot of the light on Space 1999 – and thanks to Andrew Graham for the tip off.

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