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Retro Series Nostalgia Electrics 50s style popcorn popper

Popcorn popper

More Fifties style but with a very different look courtesy of the Retro Series Nostalgia Electrics popcorn popper. Once you get over that lengthy name and, as you start settling in for the weekend ahead, you'll realise how much better your life could be with some popcorn hot from this little device. 

It is looks like it comes straight from a movie theatre in the 50s but, at just under 40cm high, is sized to fit a normal size home. There's been some other updates for the 21st century too: the machine uses hot air, rather than oil, to do the popping making it a little bit healthier. 

The draw back to its good American looks is that it's an American electrical item and so is set up for such. That means to use it in the UK you'll have to think about adaptors and the like. 

The price? For £34.61 you'll be able to get yourself an awful lot of popcorn. 

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