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‘Instant Heirloom’ glitter ornaments from Anthropologie

Glitter ornaments
It's the 1st December so time to start properly getting into the Christmas spirit. If that for you includes starting to think about decorating the tree, you may want to look at these 'instant heirloom' glitter ornaments from Anthropologie.

I'm not sure that they do live up to their product name in being something that you'll pass down through the generations but, if you want a very traditional look for your tree, these should should certainly do the job. They are a set of six glass bulbs, decorated with glitter – you'll probably remember something very similar on your gran's tree. These are also described as being 'age-stained', presumably to make them look like something you've dug out of the family attic.

The set comes in a retro-looking box and costs £24. 

Buy them online

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Jonathan Adler Pop Menagerie Christmas Tree Ornaments

Jonathan Adler’s new Pop Menagerie range proves that Christmas tree ornaments don’t have to be twee or tinselly.

There are three ornaments in the collection; a lion, a peacock and an elephant. Each one is made from white porcelain, decorated with bright bursts of pattern, in the 60s/70s style we have come to expect from Jonathan Adler. They are suggested as an ideal commemorative gift for a baby’s first Christmas, and are supplied in a matching gift box, but I don’t think you need the excuse of a baby to add something this stylish to your tree.

The ornaments cost $28 each (about £20) from the Jonathan Adler website.

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Matt Pugh Wooden Owls

Matt Pugh is a designer who aims to create timeless pieces from natural products, but one his signature designs, these Wooden Owls, have a midcentury Scandinavian look to them.

The owls are available in a range of finishes, so you can build up a collection of them (a parliament, to use the correct collective noun). You can choose from walnut or oak with red, green, white, blue or pink tops, or oak with stained tops.

The owls measure 10cm x 5cm x 5cm and cost £25 each from Matt Pugh’s website.

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Emma Harding’s Charity Shop Orphans


Readers of this site will no-doubt be acolytes to the gems that can be found in charity shops. But to get to the treasures, often you have to crawl through a lot of rubbish that looks unlikely ever to find a new home. That's where Emma Harding's Charity Shop Orphans come in. Harding is an avid charity shop collector, especially of sad and neglected ceramic animals. Apparently on realising these were overrunning her house, she began repainting and re-naming her finds, grouping them into new families. 

A selection of her pieces are now on sale through The Shop Floor Project. The pieces are often luridly coloured, the way they're decorated bearing no relation to the original ceramic, and certainly aren't to everyone's taste. However, they are an alternative way of thinking about and trying to create new pieces from otherwise abandoned products. Pieces vary in price but for a rough idea, 'Stella Marie Parmigiani' (the deer pictured above) costs £50. 

More information and the range can be seen online