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Egmont Fawn Lamp from Bodie and Fou

The childhood nostalgia of Disney’s Bambi is perfectly captured in this kitsch but cute  Egmont Fawn Lamp from Bodie and Fou.

Perfect as a nighlight in a child's room, the lamp gives off a warm caramel glow to provide reassurance to little ones if they wake in the night. Those wide, innocent eyes and big ears give the little fawn lots of character and make it as appealing to style conscience parents as it is to kids.

The lamp is made of plastic and measures 40 x 17 x 36cm. It has an easy to use switch suitable for little fingers. It costs £94.99 from Bodie and Fou here.


Categories / Homeware, Kids

Bambi light


For those who prefer their retro cute and kitsch rather than classically refined, this Bambi light could be just the thing. It's a low voltage plastic lamp that's in the form of everyone's favourite deer.

It could be a sweet touch in a kid's room, or more of a statement piece in a grown-up's room. Either way, measuring 27cm high and 40cm across, it's not going to blend into the background. 

The lamp costs £99 from the Caravan Style website

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Emma Harding’s Charity Shop Orphans


Readers of this site will no-doubt be acolytes to the gems that can be found in charity shops. But to get to the treasures, often you have to crawl through a lot of rubbish that looks unlikely ever to find a new home. That's where Emma Harding's Charity Shop Orphans come in. Harding is an avid charity shop collector, especially of sad and neglected ceramic animals. Apparently on realising these were overrunning her house, she began repainting and re-naming her finds, grouping them into new families. 

A selection of her pieces are now on sale through The Shop Floor Project. The pieces are often luridly coloured, the way they're decorated bearing no relation to the original ceramic, and certainly aren't to everyone's taste. However, they are an alternative way of thinking about and trying to create new pieces from otherwise abandoned products. Pieces vary in price but for a rough idea, 'Stella Marie Parmigiani' (the deer pictured above) costs £50. 

More information and the range can be seen online