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Egmont Fawn Lamp from Bodie and Fou

The childhood nostalgia of Disney’s Bambi is perfectly captured in this kitsch but cute  Egmont Fawn Lamp from Bodie and Fou.

Perfect as a nighlight in a child's room, the lamp gives off a warm caramel glow to provide reassurance to little ones if they wake in the night. Those wide, innocent eyes and big ears give the little fawn lots of character and make it as appealing to style conscience parents as it is to kids.

The lamp is made of plastic and measures 40 x 17 x 36cm. It has an easy to use switch suitable for little fingers. It costs £94.99 from Bodie and Fou here.


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Original 1960’s Scooter from nanadobbie


Small children whizzing across the pavement are a pretty ubiquitous sight just about anywhere in the UK these days, thanks to the current scooter revival.

This old-school original 1960's chrome scooter has oodles of charm compared to it's modern-day plastic counterparts. It's painted light brown with metallic detailing and even has a name – the "Radio Flyer". It's suitable for an older child or a teenager – sadly not a fully grown adult.

The scooter costs £65 from mid-century treasure trove nanadobbie – either from their London store or online here.

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1950’s Child’s Carousel Car

This incredible Child's Carousel Car is a fantastic piece of fairground memorabilia from antique salvage site Elemental.

It's Italian in origin and dates from 1950, embodying all of the typical style characteristics of the era; classic fins, bubble windscreens front and rear and colourful atomic-style paintwork with great chrome detailing.

It seats four and measures 1.8 metres long, so it's a pretty substantial little vehicle.

It's currently in the sale, down from £4300 to £2800 – you can admire it from multiple angles and purchase it here.