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1950’s Child’s Carousel Car

This incredible Child's Carousel Car is a fantastic piece of fairground memorabilia from antique salvage site Elemental.

It's Italian in origin and dates from 1950, embodying all of the typical style characteristics of the era; classic fins, bubble windscreens front and rear and colourful atomic-style paintwork with great chrome detailing.

It seats four and measures 1.8 metres long, so it's a pretty substantial little vehicle.

It's currently in the sale, down from £4300 to £2800 – you can admire it from multiple angles and purchase it here.

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eBay watch: 1970s modernist-style chandelier


A very interesting design – and this 1970s modernist-style chandelier isn't too expensive to pick up.

According to the seller, the fitting (one of three available) was fitted new in the late 70s, but was taken out of the building recently when it underwent a refit. Maybe they just wanted to save some money, as the fitting uses 22 bulbs, all 40w 'golf ball' lights. You'll need a high ceiling too, with the drop from top of the chrome to the bottom bulb is 84cm.

But it is a feature light, very of its era and at £160, cheaper than most reissued designer light fittings.

Find out more at the eBay website

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Fuse Can Lights – lighting made from Heinz Beanz cans and Campbell’s Soup cans


To be honest, the title pretty much says it all, with these Can Lights by Fuse being just that.

Yes, lights from discarded and salvaged cans, specifically Heinz Beanz cans and Campbell's Soup cans. With the help of Dublin's many restaurants and cafés who collect the tin cans, these everyday waste objects are turned into eye-catching yet functional pendant lights. Think of it as your very own piece of ceiling pop art.

Great on their own, even better as a set of three – which is why they're discounted if you go for the three. See an image of the Beanz tins over the page, with all selling for £80 each (or less with that multiple discount) complete with three core textile cable and recycled tuna can ceiling rose.

Find out more at the Fuse Finds website

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eBay watch: Vintage metal Hovis shop sign


Big thanks to Poppy on Twitter for flagging up this salvaged gem – a vintage metal Hovis shop sign.

Why would you want it? Who knows – nostalgia, a quirky addition to your own shop, future collectable – there's all sorts of reasons for you to want one. The sign, which was presumably once hanging above a bakery measures approx 160cm X 40cm and weighs a hefty 5kg, with a black paint job on the background that's now peeling off to reveal the original green. The letters also strip back to a 'brass' colour too.

If you fancy it, the sign has a starting bid of £99, with the cost of a courier at £24 to get it to your home.

Find out more at the eBay website