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Retro Arcade Cake Mould


What could be better than cake mixing it with old school arcade games. And if you plan on mixing the two, you'll need to get yourself this Retro Arcade Cake Mould.

Coming soon to the Spinning Hat site, the mould is inspired by the first generation of arcade gaming, Space Invaders if you want to be specific. The mould can make various levels of gaming cake, so if you fancy making a multi-level arcade sponge or carrot cake…well…you can.

See over the page for one of those finished products and if you want one, you can pre-order now, with the price at just £9.99.

Find out more at the Spinning Hat website

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eBay watch: Vintage metal Hovis shop sign


Big thanks to Poppy on Twitter for flagging up this salvaged gem – a vintage metal Hovis shop sign.

Why would you want it? Who knows – nostalgia, a quirky addition to your own shop, future collectable – there's all sorts of reasons for you to want one. The sign, which was presumably once hanging above a bakery measures approx 160cm X 40cm and weighs a hefty 5kg, with a black paint job on the background that's now peeling off to reveal the original green. The letters also strip back to a 'brass' colour too.

If you fancy it, the sign has a starting bid of £99, with the cost of a courier at £24 to get it to your home.

Find out more at the eBay website