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Pipe light by House Doctor DK

Pipe light
If you liked the industrial look of the reclaimed tap light we featured a few months back, here's another piece of lighting that uses the same idea: the pipe light by House Doctor DK

It's not obvious from the website but this looks like a new piece of product to me, rather than a re-use of old materials. Nevertheless, the light is sure to make a striking statement in any room. It's made from metal and available in black, white, red, or the eye-catching yellow option pictured. 

The light costs £68.

Buy it from Bodie and Fou 

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Egmont Fawn Lamp from Bodie and Fou

The childhood nostalgia of Disney’s Bambi is perfectly captured in this kitsch but cute  Egmont Fawn Lamp from Bodie and Fou.

Perfect as a nighlight in a child's room, the lamp gives off a warm caramel glow to provide reassurance to little ones if they wake in the night. Those wide, innocent eyes and big ears give the little fawn lots of character and make it as appealing to style conscience parents as it is to kids.

The lamp is made of plastic and measures 40 x 17 x 36cm. It has an easy to use switch suitable for little fingers. It costs £94.99 from Bodie and Fou here.


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Lilliput Robot collectible from Bodie and Fou

We've had a design influenced by retro robots only recently, with Clifford Richards' clocks, but you can pick up a replica of one of the original toy robots from Bodie and Fou who are selling this Lilliput Robot collectible

The Lilliput robot first appeared in Japan in the 1940s and was thought to be the first mass produced robot toy. This replica of that first robot, produced by Fantastic & Co, includes a wind-up key that allows the robot to move forward with its arms swinging. 

Strictly a piece for adults, rather than kids, the robot costs £9.95

Buy it online

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Typewriter ceramic vase by House Doctor DK

Typewriter vase
Vintage typewriters are having something of a style moment. I've lost track of the amount of objects they've cropped up on recently, from brooches and earrings to cushions and bags. The latest to use their good looks is this Typewriter ceramic vase by House Doctor DK

The vase is made from white ceramic and is decorated with a simple black motif of a typewriter, and a string of type coming out of the machine. Like this? There's also a vase available featuring another fashionable motif of the moment – the bicycle. 

The vase costs £22.50. 

Pre-order it from Bodie and Fou