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Kit wallpaper featuring retro food packaging from Studio Nommo

Nommo wallpaper

If you believe you are what you eat, how about extending this motto to the rest of your home? Should you want to, the Kit wallpaper from Studio Nommo allows you to cover your walls with retro-style illustrations of packaging and create a Pop Art food fantasy look that surely even Warhol would be proud of.

The paper is based on a design by Andreas Samuelsson and features everything from boxes of Ritz crackers to Nintendo NES controllers. The design is fun and unusual but, even in this otherwise minimal marketing room shot, looks pretty full on! 

If you're brave enough to want to try this look out, the paper costs 130 Euros a roll. 

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Fairy Liquid’s 50th anniversary and the return of the white bottle

Fairy liquid

It's the return of the bottle that launched a million model rocket ships with the aim of marking the 50th anniversary of Fairy Liquid

Yes, for a limited period, Fairy are selling their washing-up liquid in the white bottle with green lettering that everyone remembers from growing up. 

Shoppers in Morrisons may have spotted it already and it's soon also to be on the shelves at Tesco, Sainsburys and Asda, offering the perfect opportunity to bottle a bit of your childhood. 

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Camembert cheese plates


Lovers of a particular brand of French fromage may remember the Camembert cheese clock from way back. More cheesy designs available here with the Camembert cheese plates

The set draws on the archives of Camembert and their history of distinctive labels and adverts. The designs look like they've come from various periods with my favourite being the art nouveau influenced label shown at the bottom. 

The designs are printed onto porcelain and, measuring just over 20cm across, you'll be pleased to hear they can hold a lot of cheese! A set of four costs £22.95. 

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Peter Blake fag packet prints: reduced in price until 22 January


Here's something of a bargain, though how much a bargain it is depends on both your definition of the word and the size of your wallet. Opus Art are selling a limited edition of Peter Blake screenprints, each print showing a different cigarette packet he collected on a 1956 trip through Europe. 

The bargain bit comes with the news that, though the prints are normally priced at £2620.25, they're now selling for £1762.50 until 22 January – that's this Friday! If you've got a bit of cash you want to invest in a Blake print, it's a great saving. If that's still out of your price range, the web site has a wide selection of Blake screenprints available for browsing. 

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