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Clockwork Austin London Taxi from METTOY

Hark back to the halcyon days of postwar toy manufacturing with this perfect replica of a London Taxi, produced by toy manufacturer METTOY from original tinplate.

METTOY first launched a range of die cast models in 1956, creating the Corgi brand of small, detailed vehicles. Now they have created a new generation of metal toys, using the same traditional manufacturing techniques to produce this clockwork drive Austin FX 4 taxi which comes with front wheel steering, key winder and detailed interior.

The model is a limited edition, measuring 193mm in length.

It costs £60 from Paul Smith here.

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Paul Smith cassette-style case for iPhone 4

Paul smith case

We've featured many products inspired by the humble tape in the past but this cassette-style case for the iPhone 4 has got to be the classiest yet – mainly because its got Paul Smith's name on the label.

Produced in collaboration with Apple, it uses a simple design of a cassette printed onto a leather case. Take a look at the label scribbled with 'Side A' and you'll see the Paul Smith name there, written out in simple type. 

As you might expect the use of the designer name adds to the price tag too: this case costs £89.95.

Buy it from the Apple Store 

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Paul Smith Pin-Up Girl Wallet

Adxa-1033-w255-b-65073 Lady

Buying a Valentine's gift for the man in you life can prove a bit of a challenge but this saucy Pin-Up Girl Wallet from Paul Smith strikes just the right note.

The wallet is made from smooth black leather with contrasting white stitching. It has room for notes and coins within, but it's real selling point is the delightful young lady hidden inside. Inspired by original cigarette card art she's a luscious bathing beauty with generous curves and a cheeky expression in a classic fifties pose.

The wallet is 100% leather and made in Italy.

It costs £129 and you can buy it here


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1960s Revolving Coat Stand

Not content with selling shirts, the Paul Smith website now carries a selection of vintage furniture to tempt us with, including this 1960s Revolving Coat Stand.

The design is typical 1960s space-age style, made of white plastic and pod-like in its design. It provides a neat storage solution for tidying away coats and umbrellas on one side, whilst the other houses a mirror, making it a useful hallway addition.

It costs £1,100. Visit the Paul Smith website to enquiry further.

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eBay watch: Limited edition Paul Smith-designed Mini


I'll be honest, this is probably the most modern eBay find we've ever done. But it is a classic / original Mini and not just any older Mini – it's a limited edition Paul Smith-designed Mini.

Yes, Mary Quant wasn't the only fashion designer to get her hands on the Mini, Paul Smith did so too in 1999, with 300 of his themed Minis offered for sale. How many are left? That's anyone's guess – but almost certainly less.

For your money, you get a standard (for the time) 1275cc Mini, but packed with extras, including a 24ct gold badge on the bonnet, a British Isles badge on the grill, citrus green 'hidden parts', a denim jack bag, body coloured dashboard, black leather seats and plenty of Paul Smith branding. Condition seems fine, with the odd mark here and there, but at £1,500, it seems a reasonable price.

Find out more at the eBay website