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Paul Smith Pin-Up Girl Wallet

Adxa-1033-w255-b-65073 Lady

Buying a Valentine's gift for the man in you life can prove a bit of a challenge but this saucy Pin-Up Girl Wallet from Paul Smith strikes just the right note.

The wallet is made from smooth black leather with contrasting white stitching. It has room for notes and coins within, but it's real selling point is the delightful young lady hidden inside. Inspired by original cigarette card art she's a luscious bathing beauty with generous curves and a cheeky expression in a classic fifties pose.

The wallet is 100% leather and made in Italy.

It costs £129 and you can buy it here


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Campbell’s Mighty Wallet

The Campbell’s Mighty Wallet is just one design available in this product line, which promises wallets that are “virtually indestructible”.

It is made from a single sheet of super strong Tyvek and offers storage of around 15 cards, 2 interior pockets for notes and receipts and two further side pockets. It is decorated with a series of Campbell Soup cans in the Warhol style. Other designs include comic book, graffiti and postage stamp patterns.

Buy the Mighty Wallet online from Made in Design, priced £12.80.

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Hanitape Cassette-Shaped Wallet

There are almost as many cassette-tape related products as there are vinyl-inspired items, although I doubt somehow that the CD will be the cause of such nostalgia in years to come. The latest cassette item I’ve seen is the Hanitape, a wallet by the London based design Haniboi.

Made from recyclable silicone rubber in the shape of a cassette tape, the Hanitape fastens using magnets so that your cash and cards are kept securely inside. It is available in three bright colours (red, yellow and blue, but I think the grey version looks most like a real tape. 

Buy the Hanitape online from the Hanibol website, for £12.50

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Lego wallets from ColorbyNumbers

Lego wallets

All in all, it's just another brick in the wall(et) … yes, Lego continues to inspire designers to produce new, fun products like these Lego wallets by ColorbyNumbers

The wallet pictured is made from the brightly coloured bricks, stuck together and mounted on a fairly substantially (6.6 by 9.5cm) sized wallet. I especially like the single brick covering the zip pull. As they are handmade, the design will vary from wallet to wallet. This piece of childish fun costs £20. Or, if the fact the bricks are stuck together stifles your creativity, you may be interested in the wallets they sell that are just covered with the baseplates: you can then decorate them with your own bricks and creations. 

Alternatively, steal your kid's bricks, buy some glue and have a go at making your own…

Buy them from ColorbyNumbers