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Lego wallets from ColorbyNumbers

Lego wallets

All in all, it's just another brick in the wall(et) … yes, Lego continues to inspire designers to produce new, fun products like these Lego wallets by ColorbyNumbers

The wallet pictured is made from the brightly coloured bricks, stuck together and mounted on a fairly substantially (6.6 by 9.5cm) sized wallet. I especially like the single brick covering the zip pull. As they are handmade, the design will vary from wallet to wallet. This piece of childish fun costs £20. Or, if the fact the bricks are stuck together stifles your creativity, you may be interested in the wallets they sell that are just covered with the baseplates: you can then decorate them with your own bricks and creations. 

Alternatively, steal your kid's bricks, buy some glue and have a go at making your own…

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