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Floppy disk-shaped recordable CDs at Urban Outfitters


Missing the floppy disk drive on your PC? Well, worry no more – these floppy disk-shaped recordable CDs should sort you out.

Yes, we said 'CD', with each of the disk-like discs holding up to 200MB of data, which is more than enough for a pile of photos or a good number of MP3s. Of course, there's also the novelty value as your friends look on confused at your use of old school tech in your new school computer.

Available online, they sell for £6.

Find out more at the Urban Outfitters website

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OPC Computer Amplifier Speaker by Orange Amplifiers gets priced and detailed


We featured this some time back when details were scarce, but now Orange Amplifiers has announced the details of its retro-styled OPC computer/amplifier.

Available from August 2010, this bizarre hybrid has been designed to deliver playing, recording, editing and computing capabilities to musicians and music aficionados, with a 24 Bit audio interface with both guitar and microphone inputs and over £700 of digital recording music software to help you along the way. Audio is via a 15 watt RMS per channel stereo amplifier and 2x JBL 6.5” 55 Watt RMS dual concentric speakers, both mounted into an optimised cabinet for 'enhanced cooling and acoustics'. Oh yes – there's the computer part too.

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OPC Computer Amplifier Speaker by Orange Amplifiers


Bizarre idea – a computer shaped like a vintage amplifier. But this isn't just a mad bedroom project, the OPC Computer Amplifier Speaker by Orange Amplifiers is coming your way soon.

According to the pre-launch blurb, it offer both PC and amplifier functionality, the latter with a quarter-inch jack plus volume, balance, treble and bass dials, while the latter is pretty much your average desktop.

That means an Intel processor, 4GB of memory, 500GB hard drive, ATI 5670 graphic card, 8x USB ports, Wi-Fi and Windows 7. Oh yes, you can record your music to the PC too. June 2010 is the launch date, price still to be confirmed.

Orange Amplifiers website

Via Pocket Lint

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Lego-style wireless computer mouse


Not sure what it feels like on your hand, but this Lego-style wireless computer mouse will certainly look on your desk.

Shaped like the classic brick, a wireless, 800dpi optical mouse with left and right click buttons, a clickable scrolling wheel and good to use with both Windows-based PCs and Macs – just as long as you have a spare USB port.

Choose from red, white or blue, all selling for £19.99.

Find out more at the IWOOT website