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Paisley Pencil Skirt from Warehouse


Bold retro prints are most often used for clothing best suited to nights on the town, but with the right design and colour choices even the busiest vintage-look prints can be suitable for any occasion. This Paisley Pencil Skirt from Warehouse uses a sixties print to great effect for daywear and beyond thanks to a warm Wintery palette.

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Polka Dot Pencil Skirt from River Island


Now that 'retro' and 'vintage' is an seemingly all-encompassing thing now, it can be tricky finding something that's simple and actually captures that 'timelss' look from years gone by. However, rummage amongst the loud 80s patterns and ironic t-shirt slogans and there's still a load of gems to be had.

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Vintage Lyra Pencils


Present and Correct are a perennial favourite of these pages thanks to their ability to source covetable stationery. One of their latest finds is this set of Vintage Lyra Pencils.

Lyra is a German brand, 200 years old, and this set is a part of a cache of original stock from the 1960's. The pencils come in pleasing colour combinations that will add some real style to your desk and inspire creativity in a way that a chewed biro just can't do.

The pencils are in working order and come packaged in a box of 36. They cost £29.50 here

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The Alika Dress by Bettie Page Clothing


Among many strong US rivals, Bettie Page Clothing is another dedicated retro design brand that really holds its own. Bringing great forties and fifties looks again and again, they've impressed once more with their new Alika Dress.

Available in a wide range of era-appropriate colours, the dress is truly novel in its design – available in a choice of pencil skirt or circle skirt, there's an option for every taste. With both skirt choices providing a true retro chic, the dress uses flattering fabrics and great cut to create the ideal vintage silhouette.

Get yours online from Bettie Page Clothing, starting at $134.

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