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Puffin by Design book

Puffin by design

Founded just five years after Penguin, Puffin is celebrating seventy years of publishing. Puffin by Design, written by Phil Baines (who also wrote Penguin by Design) offers a visual history of the publishing house over that period. 

Puffin was founded with the aim of producing affordable, well illustrated books for children. This book features 500 of the imprint's most memorable covers and traces the development of their list, from titles designed to explain the then ongoing Second World War to children, to publishing much loved kids classics, such as Stig of the Dump, Mary Poppins and Watership Down in their paperback format. It also looks at their work with illustrators like Shirley Hughes. 

A fascinating read, that's sure to remind you of some childhood favourites, the book costs £14 from Amazon