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Free Range Designs Chaise Longue

Free Range Designs’ Chaise Longue combines the feel-good factor of product made from recycled parts with the decadent luxury always suggested by a chaise.

The piece was made originally as a commission for the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales, but can be made to order in around 5 weeks. It is made from recycled wood from skips and scrap woodpiles, but polished and oiled so you would never know its humble origins. It has a novelty coin slide down the backrest, intended to carry a message about modern over-consumption, although perhaps a little rich coming from an item costing £2,900.

Visit the Free Range Designs website to order.

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Avocado Kitchen and Peaches and Pears midcentury-style placemats by Jenn Ski


If you want to add a midcentury twist to your dining table, check out these Avocado Kitchen and Peaches and Pears placemats by Jenn Ski.

Available on Etsy, each design is a three-colour silkscreen produced with the environment in mind, the fabric being 80% Ecotec (recycled yarn made from excess cotton fabric from industrial clothing manufacturers) and 20% recycled plastic bottles.

They're sold in packs of four, with free postage anywhere. Each pack costs $36 (£22.61). See the other design over the page.

Find out more at the Etsy website

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Reclaimed Tap Light at Graham and Green


We're all for recycling – especially when the end result is something as eye-catching as this Reclaimed Tap Light, which is available now at Graham and Green.

According to the retailer, it's made from reclaimed piping, adding an authentic vintage touch to your home. Not only that – stick in the bulb band it's a perfectly functional piece of desk or table lighting.

Much more of a talking point than your average Ikea or Anglepoise, it's available online for £115.

Find out more at the Graham and Green website

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Rotary phone desk clock by Vyconic


Remember the Vyconic turntable clocks we featured at the end of last year? Well, if you don't, check them out, as they look absolutely stunning. I suspect sales have gone well too, as the company is now recycling other items, producing designs like this Vyconic rotary phone desk clock.

Yes, this did indeed start off life as a humble dial phone, but has since been given a makeover and some clock hands, although the numbers obviously don't match the time.

It's also a one-off right now, so something unique as well as quirky. £55.31 secures it and while you're there, check out those record player clocks too!

Find out more at the Etsy website

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Lee Broom recycled Decanter lighting range


There's a lot of old decanters in junk shops and antique fairs, but thanks to Lee Broom and his Decanter suspension light range, there might be a few less in the future.

These are indeed lead crystal drinks decanters sourced from antique markets and vintage shops. Available in two finishes, the decanters are either left in their natural clear crystal or a unique polished gold has been applied for a more 'contemporary' finish.

Prices for the finished lighting start at £295.

Find out more at the Nest website

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Over 10 years on, Lekki reissues the Nokia 3210 mobile phone


It sold 160 million units when it first launched back in 1999 and over 10 years on, the Nokia 3210 has been reissued for those who want a 'back to basics' mobile phone in their pocket.

From the people who recently brought back the Motorola StarTAC, this is a recycled 'vintage' phone that's undergone a modern makeover. Indeed, it follows the same principles as that first phone, with a choice of bright colours (or simply a black finish) for that recycled phone, new premium packaging, a charger and new battery.

If you've forgotten the original, there's a rather basic set of features, including mono ringtones, vibration function, the option to call and text, an alarm, calculator plus smack, rotation and memory for the games. In a strange kind of way, this Nokia 3210 will probably get you more attention than a new iPhone 4 – and for a price of 75 Euros online.

Find out more at the Lekki website

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