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Retro storage trunks from Rose and Grey

R&G Storage-Trunks

After years of hoarding stuff, it's always nice to find something that'll help make tidying up just that little easier. One stylish solution is these retro storage trunks available from Rose and Grey

The metal trunks are made by Danish company House Doctor and have a great 1950s look, right down to the fastenings and the label. They're only available as a set of two and in the colour combination of a bright red and the faded green shown. To give you an idea of the size, the green measures about 60cm across, while the red measures 69cm across – both are definitely designed for display. 

The set of trunks costs £245. 

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Rose and Grey retro filing cabinet

R&G Filing-Cabinet

With the aim of the paperless office, surely the humble filing cabinet is going to be a thing of the past? Invest in a future antique now with this retro filing cabinet, new in stock at Rose and Grey.

Talk of paperwork and filing isn't really going to make most people's hearts leap with joy, but this cabinet does make the job look a bit more appealing. It has fifteen milky-white enamel drawers in which all manner of materials can be stashed away safely. Each drawer is appropriately finished with a metal handle. 

Measuring 97cm high by 115cm wide, the cabinet costs £795. 

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