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Retro school notebooks from Dotcomgiftshop


You may be relived to never have to open a school book again but should you be harking back to your school days, you may want to invest in these retro school notebooks from Dotcomgiftshop.

Each notebook is in the style of a classic school notebook, with 30 pages in each and space to write your name, subject and class information on the front cover. They are decorated with an illustration for each subject – the atom and the rocket on the front of the science notebook certainly enhances its retro look.  

They cost £3.95 for the set of three.

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Vintage botanical charts at Whippet Grey


Never let it be said we don't cater for all your retro needs on this site. If you have an urge for vintage botany, take a look at these botanical charts available from Whippet Grey

The charts were produced by a German educational company and were originally illustrated in the 1950s and 60s. These have been re-issued based on the original print, printed onto canvas and presented with wooden poles. The black background gives them a dramatic look, something enhanced by their size – they are 120cm long. 

Choose from six different designs, priced at £48 each. 

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