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Katy Chard Fall fabric cushion

Fall cushion

Katy Chard is a printmaker and designer whose retro influences clearly show in her work, including this Fall fabric cushion.

The beautiful colours and textures used on the cushion give it a 1950s look. Like some of the most famous textile designers from that period, Chard also is heavily influenced by the natural world – some of her other designs play with the patterns of trees, flowers and even fish.

This cushion design costs £40. 

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Dancing Horses Print from Sideshow Design



The flamboyant lettering of circus and vaudeville posters accompanies a Wild-West style image in this Dancing Horses Print from Sideshow Design.

Inspired by original billboard artwork and screen-printed on to handmade archival cotton paper in a limited edition run of 500, this is a unique piece of art that recalls the magic of Barnum & Bailey and their Greatest Show on Earth. The colour is created from a hand-mixed pigment ink ensuring depth and vibrancy that won't fade over time.

The print measures 16 x 20 inches unframed and is available in either blue or stone.

It costs £65 from Sideshow Design here.

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Camera print by Andrew Joyce


If you're a vintage camera enthusiast, there's plenty of artwork out there to cater to your taste, but I'm betting this camera print by Andrew Joyce is one of the most reasonably priced.

Like the work of Christine Berrie that we featured a little while back, this design is based around a range of cameras. The rolleicord, the polaroid,even the iPhone – they're all depicted by Bath-based Joyce in this A2 sized print. The single colour of the screen print that's been used helps enhance the vintage feel of the objects illustrated. 

If you like the print, you're advised to snap one up now. It's an edition of 25, priced at just £15. 

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Chh Beep Click Print by Charlotte Farmer from Found Bath

Farmer chh

This Chh Beep Click print isn't the first time Charlotte Farmer has teamed up with Found Bath – you may remember her festive Rock N Roll Christmas range. That collaboration – showing rock n roll stars alongside now redundant technology - was apparently the inspiration for this print. The redundant technology in this case is the Walkman, a desirable piece of kit in the 1980s. 

The image captures the chunky delights of the walkman, complete with the buttons that made the sounds that have given their title to the print. The print has been created using a mixture of screen-printing and embossing to create an unusual and tactile texture to the print. 

If you like the look of this, you're advised to snap it up now. It's part of a closed edition of just 10 prints. 

The print costs £95.

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Two Up, Two Down print by Lisa Jones

Lisa Jones two up

We've shown you Lisa Jones' delightful images before, specifically her Town print. This Two Up, Two Down print is every bit as appealing. 

The image shows a typically British house in a scene that is brimming with detail, from the milk bottles by the door to the apple and anglepoise lamp in the window to the cup of coffee on the windowsill. The use of the three colour blue palette adds to the retro Scandinavian feel. 

Two Up, Two Down costs £65 from Elphicks