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Never Mind Your P’s and Q’s Punk alphabet book

Punk alphabet
For an alternative version of the alphabet, check out this Never Mind Your P's and Q's Punk alphabet book.

Yes, it's an alternative version of the alphabet all based around Punk, produced by American based Soundscreen design. Their B is for Blondie, I is for Iggy, M is for Mohawk and R is for the Ramones and so on. Each letter has its own illustration and short verse. Keeping it slightly true to the spirit of Punk, the book is sold with the warning that it features words and references some people might not find appropriate – we wouldn't have it any other way! 

Soundscreen design have produced two other 'Rockin' Alphabets': 'M is for Metal' and 'ABC & Western', both of which are pretty self-explanatory in their choice of genres. 

The book costs £19. 

Buy it from The Lollipop Shoppe

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Newgate God Save The Queen Clock

Newgate has produced a number of retro clocks, usually inspired by old-fashioned railway station clocks, but this is the first one I’ve seen that is influenced by punk.

The God Save the Queen Clock doesn’t feature Jamie Reid’s iconic artwork for the Sex Pistols’ record, but does have a punk aesthetic, with paint splattered patterns clashing with the vintage-style numerals. The clock is made from glass and measures 50cm in diameter.

It costs £44.95 from Colloco.

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Punk-inspired tea mugs at Make International


Even a quick brew can be rebellious if it comes in one of these punk-inspired tea mugs at Make International.

Choose from phrases inspired by the Sex Pistols (one above, one over the page) and The Clash, or if your vintage is later, Nirvana with Smells Like Tea Spirit.

All are described as 'bucket' mugs, which presumably means plenty of room for your tea and if anyone is in any doubt about your punk credentials, there's even a safety pin thrown in for good measure. Grab one now for £12.

Find out more at the Make International website

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