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eBay watch: Sharp 5P-12G 1970s space age television


How useful it is, I don't know (unless you slip in a digibox in some way), but just as an interesting piece of home decor, this Sharp 5P-12G television is something of a winner.

It's a design I've never seen before, although it's not a million miles from the JVC Videosphere 'space helmet' TV. Made in Japan and described as being in 'near mint' condition by the seller, the TV oozes 70s space age cool and has a 'straight', working antenna. A bonus if you can still get analogue TV in your area.

Like I said earlier, I don't know if these things can be converted to digital via a box. If not, it's just an eye-catching design. But at just £1 on eBay right now (plus postage), that might be enough to justify the price.

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