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Rubber Duck shower curtain from Bliss

Bliss curtain
One of bathtime's oldest companions gets honoured in this Rubber Duck shower curtain from Bliss.

It's a normal plastic shower curtain that's been brightened up with the repeated image of a charming yellow duck. If you haven't heard of Bliss, they make rather expensive spa type products and have a chain of rather expensive spas – so this design seems a bit of an unlikely match for them. However, who can argue when the result is as fun as this? 

The shower curtain costs £20. 

Buy it from House of Fraser

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Psycho shower curtain at Urban Outfitters


It's the piece of tie-in film merchandise we've all been crying out for – Psycho shower curtain at Urban Outfitters.

Yes, every morning you can relive Hitchcock's 1960s horror classic (which is returning soon as a 50th anniversary Blu-ray special edition), Norman Bates' knife wielding profile sending a shiver down your spine every time you step into the shower. Nice addition of the victim's hands too.

A standard size, you can pick one up online for £20.

Find out more at the Urban Outfitters website