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Sir Harald Panel Curtain by Lisa Bengtsson

New in at the Scandinavian Design Center is this Sir Harald Panel Curtain by Swedish artist Lisa Bengtsson.

Like many of Lisa’s patterns, it combines black and white with bold splashes of colour. In this case, the design is a tribute to Lisa’s great grandfather Harald, although I’m not sure if the rather dashing retro-looking man in the print is actually him. The curtain measures 43cm by 260 cm and costs £53.56.

Buy it online from the Scandinavian Design Center.

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1970s cotton floral fabric at The Vintage Fabric Market

1970s fabric

Let your inner flower child run wild with this beautiful 100% cotton 1970s floral fabric. It's heavy-weight and perfect for when you're feeling arts and crafty.

The weighting of the material would suit cushion covers, or some other small project, as it's 18 x 22 inches, and there's only two samples in this design available.

Be quick to get yours for the bargain price of £3 (postage and packing included) from The Vintage Fabric Market

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Psycho shower curtain at Urban Outfitters


It's the piece of tie-in film merchandise we've all been crying out for – Psycho shower curtain at Urban Outfitters.

Yes, every morning you can relive Hitchcock's 1960s horror classic (which is returning soon as a 50th anniversary Blu-ray special edition), Norman Bates' knife wielding profile sending a shiver down your spine every time you step into the shower. Nice addition of the victim's hands too.

A standard size, you can pick one up online for £20.

Find out more at the Urban Outfitters website

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La Redoute Scenario circle design curtain

Scenario curtain

For unsightly doorways or window frames and as an alternative to the string curtain featured last week, how about this Scenario circle curtain from La Redoute? It's very simple, made only of PVC discs, a metal rod and rings, but is a cheap and easy way to add a touch of 60s touch to your decor. 

It comes in eight different colours but for a space age look, your best bet is probably the black, silver or white options. The price for the curtain starts at £15. 

Buy it online