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City Prints by Blanca Gomez


Spanish illustrator Blanca Gomez has created a range of retro-inspired prints of some of the world's greatest cities.

The limited edition City Prints series encapsulate the early 60s love affair with world travel in images that wouldn't look amiss in the world of the Pink Panther or in the ultra-hip mid-century style favoured by Disney in the era. An ideal way to show off your glamourous jet setting lifestyle, even if it's only the daily commute.

£65 each from Pedlars. See the website for more details.

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Jolie table lamp from John Lewis


It's impossible to escape the mid-century homewares trend at the moment. However, with original pieces becoming harder to find at reasonable prices and many reproductions being out of us mere mortals' budget, it's always a pleasent surprise to find items with a retro influence which don't break the bank.

This colourful Jolie table lamp from John Lewis is influenced by the iconic Italian design house Kartell, who were, of course, responsible for the famous Philippe Starck Ghost Chair. The clear glass base houses the feature colour flex cable which matches the barrel lampshade. A simple yet striking 60s-style design that doesn't cost the earth; now you just need somewhere to put it.

The Jolie table lamp, available in 7 colours, is a very reasonable £35 from John Lewis. See website for more details.

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I’m Spartacus print by Unlimited Editions

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Following on from the retro Star Wars print we featured a few weeks ago, here's another re-imagining of a classic movie poster, this time by Brighton-based designers Unlimited Editions.

The stylised art deco-influenced I'm Spartacus print is a tribute to Stanley Kubrick's 1960 Roman epic, created for Boxbird Gallery's ‘Cinemascope’ exhibition. A must have to adorn the walls of any retro movie fan's home. 

I'm Spartacus is £80 from Unlimited EditionsSee the website for more details.