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Space Shuttle Christmas jumper at the Science Museum

Space Shuttle Christmas jumper at the Science Museum
Space Shuttle Christmas jumper at the Science Museum

They often do interesting designs at the Science Museum and this year is no exception. This Space Shuttle Christmas jumper is now on the shelves. Read more

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Lego Space Shuttle Expedition set


It might have ceased flying this year, but the Space Shuttle will always be an icon of the 80s, when it changed the face of space travel. It could change the face of a wet Sunday afternoon too if you invest in the Lego Space Shuttle Expedition set, especially if you have kids to entertain.

Yes, you can recreate the craft, with a Lego version standing at standing 44cm tall and around 25.5cm from wing tip to wing tip. The model features realistic engines, retractable landing gear, an opening cockpit with seats for two astronauts, opening cargo compartment with a crane that can hold the satellite and a ground maintenance vehicle. There are also three minifigures – one male, one female and a service crew member.

All of which needs building, which might be trickier than you imagine. if you want it, you can buy it from the online Lego store for £81.99.

Find out more at the Lego website

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Lego Space Shuttle comes packed with 80s nostalgia


The NASA Space Shuttle project is only now coming to an end, but the design of the space plane is still very much an 80s icon – an icon you can have in your home if you invest in the Lego Space Shuttle.

Yes, that's right, this is the Lego version of a 20th century classic. Which obviously means you'll have to make it yourself. Not easy when it means clicking togehter 1,204 pieces to build the 17.5-inch model, which also boasts a 10-inch wingspan. But once you have made it, you'll be able to impress (or scare) your friends with the launch pad, detachable fuel tank, booster rockets, robot arm, retractable landing gear, opening cockpit with two mini astronauts (male and female), opening cargo compartment, satellite, and ground vehicle.

$100 is the US price. No word on a UK price as yet I'm afraid.

Lego website

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