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Marhult decoration stickers from Ikea

Marhult-decoration-stickers-patterned__0120260_PE276725_S4After the Keith Haring stickers we featured last month, Ikea have offered up some more designs: the Marhult decoration stickers.

The designer of these designs is unknown but the stickers show food stuffs such as ice-cream, cherries and pineapple, all depicted in a bright retro palette and a suitably Scandinavian flavour. These stickers are suitable for using on tiles so – if they're to your taste – they're perfect for brightening up a kitchen. 

The stickers cost £5.99.

Available in-store only, find your nearest stockist online

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Ikea’s Slatthult – budget Keith Haring decoration stickers

Keith Haring's instantly identifiable style has cropped up a lot over the years on this site. Ikea's Slatthult aren't even the first time we've featured his style on decoration stickers – long time readers of the site may remember these decals from Supernice we featured a few years back. However, as you might expect, Ikea's pricing is the cheapest option by far. 

Each pack contains the 14 stickers shown above, indicitive of Haring's art, itself influenced by 70s and 80s street. 

And that price? A pack sells for just £7.99.

The packs are currently available instore only but you can find out more online.

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Atari classic arcade wall stickers at Supernice


Love old Atari games? Well, if you love them more than you should, these Atari classic arcade wall stickers at Supernice should fit into your home perfectly.

They are moveable and reusable decals that can turn any wall into a giant representation of a classic video game. Take your pick from Asteroids (pictured over the page), Centipede and Pong above.  Of course, it's not one big image, there are between 50 and 97 parts in each set. Which means every graphic has ther potential to be unique in your home.

Available online, prices per set start at £35.

Find out more at the Supernice website

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Robot stickers by Lauren Moriarty


As you know, we do love a good robot on this site. And these robot stickers designed by Lauren Moriarty are a great addition to the selection we've featured. 

A reflection of the fun, graphic products she designs, each pack contains four different types of robot along with their faithful robot dog companion. The stickers are suitable to apply directly to glass or plastics and can also be used on wood or metal with a little bit of pre-treatment. 

To give an idea of size, each pack is 17.5cm high. They come in a choice of seven bright colours and, at £2.95 per pack, it's worth snapping up a few to add some Robo-style to your home.  

Buy them online