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Adidas Superstar Vintage trainers return


We saw a blue suede reissue last week, now the Adidas Superstar Vintage trainers are available for pre-order.

A back to basics reissue to the original silhouette in a choice of a brown or red leather, both with white detailing that being a premium vintage leather upper along with that classic rubber shell toe and gold branding on the side.

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Categories / Men's Fashion, Sportswear

Adidas Superstar 80s trainers are back in blue suede


Described as being in a 'reverse colourway', this reissue of the Adidas Superstar 80s trainers is certainly an eye-catcher.

Another old school classic so beloved of b-boys, this suede variation has all the usual detailing, with a thinner tongue, less bulk and that shell toe, offered in a royal blue and chalk colour scheme.

Yours for £65.

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