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Cath Kidston cowboy teepee tent


If you've bought the wellies, now you can get the tent to match with the Cath Kidston cowboy teepee.

Yes, just in time for festival season, they've launched a new design in one of Kidston's signature patterns: the retro cowboy. The website isn't so big on technical details, but it is meant to sleep three is and is made from polyester with a steel frame. It's strength is really its look the teepee is topped off by a flag on top of its pinnacle. 

To really camp in style, there's also a matching rug available.

The teepee costs £75.

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Zandra Rhodes Teepee for Millets

Zandra Rhodes teepee

Think of someone associated with camping and the outdoors life and Zandra Rhodes definitely isn't first person that springs to mind. Surely another sign (if you needed one) that camping is now considered cool is the fact she's now done a range with Millets which includes this striking teepee. 

The teepee is decorated with the bright colours and the bold pattern you'd associate with Rhodes and the design draws on her love of Native American folk art. The teepee has a central pole and sewn-in ground sheet, though it's not clear how many people it sleeps, and is sure to be as well seen at the festivals this year as the Celia Birtwell or the Cath Kidston tents from previous years, not least because the shocking pink colour should help you spot it easily. 

The teepee is the first in Rhodes' range for Millets that will eventually also include chairs, wellies and a flask. It costs £119. 

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