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70s style Mod sketch rug at Urban Outfitters

Mod sketch rug

Looking for a cheap and colourful way to brighten up your floor space? Check out this Mod sketch rug, available at Urban Outfitters.

The design is a slice of seventies style – the pattern is reminiscent of Zandra Rhodes, and her love of Native America art, while the squiggly, sketchy execution is suggestive of the work of Celia Birtwell.

That's the colourful bit covered but what about the cheap bit? The rug costs just £30. 

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Scarves by Nicky Albrechtsen and Fola Solanke

If you were interested in the Ascher pop up studio we featured earlier in the year, this new book on Scarves by Nicky Albrechtsen and Fola Solanke should provide plenty of fashionable inspiration. 

Published by Thames and Hudson, the book looks at 250 examples of women's scarves designed and produced over the course of the twentieth-century, especially when scarves reached the height of their popularity in the Forties and Sixties. The 304 page book contains pieces by huge fashion names ranging from Paul Poiret and Elsa Schiaparelli to Gucci, Zandra Rhodes and Hermes. Through its colourful photographs, the illustrates a slightly different take on fashion in the last century. 

The book is currently on sale for £19.75 from Amazon.

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Zandra Rhodes bed linen for Ashley Wilde

Zandra Rhodes bed linen

Zandra Rhodes has been a busy lady. So far this year we've featured her teepee for Millets and her book covers for Penguin. Now she's collaborated with Ashley Wilde to produce a new range of bed linen.

The collection contains made of three bed linens, adapted from designs in Zandra Rhodes' archive. The selection is quite diverse and reflects the range of her work. It includes the bright acid pops of the Sombrero bed linen pictured above which is based around an enlarged detail from one of her prints. In contrast there's the monochrome pattern of the Cretian Lily or the pretty pastel Paisley Daisy design. 

Double duvets sell for £45. 

Buy them from Graham Sanderson interiors

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Penguin Decades

Penguin Decades

Penguin are celebrating 75 years of publishing with the Penguin Decades series. They've re-issued key novels from the 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s which they claim 'helped shape modern Britain' and define the period they were released. 

Each decade's books are given a distinct look with the work of a different artist. The 1950s all have covers designed by Peter Blake – including the version of From Russia with Love shown above – while the selected books from the 60s, such as A Clockwork Orange and A Kestral for a Knave, feature the artwork of Allen Jones. 

Zandra Rhodes' patterns grace the cover of the selected books from the 70s, while John Squire tackles the 80s. 

The books cost £7.19 each, a reasonable price for a nice bit of design and a meaty read. 

Find out more from the Penguin website

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Zandra Rhodes Teepee for Millets

Zandra Rhodes teepee

Think of someone associated with camping and the outdoors life and Zandra Rhodes definitely isn't first person that springs to mind. Surely another sign (if you needed one) that camping is now considered cool is the fact she's now done a range with Millets which includes this striking teepee. 

The teepee is decorated with the bright colours and the bold pattern you'd associate with Rhodes and the design draws on her love of Native American folk art. The teepee has a central pole and sewn-in ground sheet, though it's not clear how many people it sleeps, and is sure to be as well seen at the festivals this year as the Celia Birtwell or the Cath Kidston tents from previous years, not least because the shocking pink colour should help you spot it easily. 

The teepee is the first in Rhodes' range for Millets that will eventually also include chairs, wellies and a flask. It costs £119. 

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