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Leather Modernist Deck Chair by Terence Williams


Want to bring some 1930s modernist style to our garden? You can with the Leather Modernist Deck Chair by Terence Williams. But we warned, it's not cheap.

A new design, but inspired by the modernist era, this particular deck chair follows the same style as your average beach seat, but replaces the canvas and wood for leather and aluminium, coming with a wall bracket should you wish to hang it up. Not sure why, but there you go. The handmade seat is also individually signed and date.

Love that head cushion, you'll probably need it to help you relax after realising how much you have paid for this. £2,050. Yes, you read that right. Also, we've just noticed you can only use the deck chair indoors – so scrap that comment about it being perfect for a modernist garden. You'll have to make do with it in your modernist conservatory instead.

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