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Victorian Tile Magnets


Liven up your living space with this colourful collection of Victorian tile magnets from the V&A.

The set of 63 different magnets can be tiled together (as shown) or used however your imagination desires. The total size of the attached magnets is 190mm x 286mm but you can seperate them into individual squares.

The beautiful collection is available for only £8.50 at the V&A. Although this particular item is not available through the website, if you call the V&A they can give you more details on when it will be back online.

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eBay watch: 1960s Alan Wallwork tiled coffee table


Something different, quirky, you could say kitsch – this Alan Wallwork tiled coffee table.

Alan Wallwork is the name of the person who created the tiles that adorn the top of the table. The seller presumably doesn't know who made the table, but the two were obviously put together in the 1960s. Indeed, if you're after a 60s look to a room, this would fit the bill perfectly.

Described as being in 'good condition for the age', it has some minor marking to the base of a leg, but nothing much worse. It can be yours for £19.99.

Find out more at the eBay website

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Reproduction Victorian Tiles


In the quest for modernity, thousands of homes were probably striped of their original Victorian tiling some time ago, but with the popularity of roll-top baths showing no signs of abating, you may want to add these Reproduction Victorian Tiles to your bathroom to complete the look.

The tiles are recreations of genuine 19th Century designs. Pictured here are animal theme collection which were designed by arts and crafts pottery designer William De Morgan in 1879 and include an owl, pelican, fish, antelope and dodo in green. There is also a set depicting bird in blue created by Pre-Raphaelite architect and designer Philip Webb in 1859 for William Morris’ Red House and some blue floral designs by Morris himself.

The animal collection cost £27.50 per tile and the others cost £17.95 each from Robert Opie Collection. They also sell period-style plain tiles for £5.95 each because you probably wouldn’t want to tile your wall completely with dodos!

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The vintage patchwork collection at Welbeck Tiles

Welbeck patchwork

An easy and attractive way to a shabby chic look with the new vintage patchwork collection at Welbeck Tiles

You may remember the distinctive British postcard tile collection we featured a little while back. This range uses a similar principle, featuring 30 different designs of floral tiles. You can also get gold-coloured tiles, or tiles featuring heart-shaped patterns to arrange to create your own distinctive look. 

Individual prices can be found on website or you can order them as a hand-selected mix (as shown in the image) where a quarter square metre, made of 49 tiles, is £175. 

Find out more online

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Welbeck British postcard tile collection

Coastal tiles

As you put the kettle on for another cup of tea and find yourself dreaming of different times and places, fuel your fantasies with the coastal collection from Welbeck tiles

The range is inspired by old postcards and uses images from perhaps the golden age of British holiday going, featuring scenes from places like Skegness, Margate, Newquay and Barry Island amongst many others. Other tiles show the reverse of the postcards, complete with the requisite 'Wish you were here' type of messages. 

All the tiles are hand-made in Cornwall which is reflected in the price as the postcard tiles cost £40 each. They are shown in the image above alongside tiles from some of the other Welbeck ranges: full details and prices can be found online.

Find out more from the Welbeck website