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Reproduction Victorian Tiles


In the quest for modernity, thousands of homes were probably striped of their original Victorian tiling some time ago, but with the popularity of roll-top baths showing no signs of abating, you may want to add these Reproduction Victorian Tiles to your bathroom to complete the look.

The tiles are recreations of genuine 19th Century designs. Pictured here are animal theme collection which were designed by arts and crafts pottery designer William De Morgan in 1879 and include an owl, pelican, fish, antelope and dodo in green. There is also a set depicting bird in blue created by Pre-Raphaelite architect and designer Philip Webb in 1859 for William Morris’ Red House and some blue floral designs by Morris himself.

The animal collection cost £27.50 per tile and the others cost £17.95 each from Robert Opie Collection. They also sell period-style plain tiles for £5.95 each because you probably wouldn’t want to tile your wall completely with dodos!

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Sanderson’s William Morris wallpaper designs at John Lewis


If your take on retro design is something a little older than the latter part of the 20th century, you might appreciate the Sanderson's William Morris wallpaper designs at John Lewis.

Sanderson (which is currently hosting an exhibition of its work) has reprinted some classic William Morris designs from the arts and crafts era, specifically from the late 19th century, offering a number of designs inspired by nature. But most importantly, designs that are still eye-catching and interesting today.

The William Morris Fruit pattern above is just one example and like all in the range, is made to order and comes in a width of 52cm and a length of 10.5m. Each roll retails for £45.

Find out more at the John Lewis website