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Dalek Keychain Torch at Firebox


Can't say I'm a fan of the phrase 'stocking filler', but if you know someone who loves Doctor Who, this Dalek Keychain Torch at Firebox is pretty much perfect for said description.

Yes, this is a mini Dalek, the evil alien created by Terry Nation in the early 60s and still the most recognisable image of the show, Doctor aside. But not just a mini Dalek – this one also has an ultra-bright LED light at the base, should you need to find the keyhole in the dead of night.

Batteries are indeed included and the price is £6.99.

Find out more at the Firebox website

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Lego Lights Torch


Yes, it's more Lego, but the Lego Lights Torch does at least perform a very practical function.

But let's look at the fun bit first. This is a 19cm-tall Lego man, officially licensed and posable, so you can use him as an ornament or desktop buddy. But when the darkness falls, that in-house companion lights up with a touch of the logo, shining LED Light through one of its feet, enough to see you through a fusebox emergency for sure.

Powered by 3x AAA batteries, the Lego Lights Torch sells for £14.99.

Find out more at the Firebox website