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Wow Playmobil XL by Leblon-Delienne

It seems that barely a week passes without a new Lego-inspired product being released, so it's nice to see another much-loved childhood toy getting a look in too, with these Playmobil XL figures from Leblon-Delienne.

These small moveable figures have come in many different guises over the years – knights, pirates and zulu warriors to name but a few. The XL figures are giant versions of the 7.5cm characters, scaled up to 24cm and made from resin. There are two figures available, Fireman and Nurse and each one comes in a limited edition of just 1000.

The figures cost £119 each and are available from here.

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Mibo Sew Your Own Lion tea towel

Lion Tea Towel

The designs of Madeline Rogers, otherwise known as Mibo, are no strangers to this site. This Sew Your Own Lion tea towel is another product that reflects her retro style. 

The design functions as a fully functional, 100% cotton tea towel, decorated with a charming image of a 70s style lion. If you fancy being creative, you can the lion out, sew it up and stuff it to make your own toy. 

The tea towel costs £11.50.

Order it online

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Pocket Classics – working half-scale versions of classic cars


Ever dreamt of owning a Porsche Speedster, a Mercedes 300SL, a Jaguar E-Type or a vintage Jeep? Well, that dream might be a little nearer with Pocket Classics.

From the name, you might expect these to be toy cars for your desk. Oh no – these are working replicas of classic cars, but at half scale. Take your pick from the four models mentioned above (none of them branded for legal reasons), each one faithfully recreated with a composite GRP body shell, steel chassis, twin rear hydraulic disk brakes, and semi automatic gearbox. There's also  working headlights, indicators and horn, with a top speed of 46mph.

All cars are built to order, but it's worth noting that they are toys. So not road legal. Which means the £9,995 price of each one will undoubtedly make it the most expensive toy you ever buy. See the website for images of the other models on offer.

Find out more at the Firebox website

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Kay Bojesen Dog by Rosendahl


We are fans of the 1950s Kay Bojesen wooden animal designs, having featured both the elephant and the monkey in the earliest days of the site. There are others on the market too, including 'new' designs based on the drawings of Bojesen from back in the day. The latest of which is the Kay Bojesen Dog by Rosendahl.

Yes, it's a dachshund, this one created in close collaboration with the Bojesen family and 100 per cent in accordance with Kay Bojesen's original drawings and certain to appeal to children and adults alike.

Made of walnut, it's around 23cm long and 16xm tall. £89 is the price.

Find out more at the Lollipop Shoppe website

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Naef Bauhaus Building Game by Alma Siedhoff-Buscher


A genuine design from the Bauhaus school, with the Naef Bauhaus Building Game by Alma Siedhoff-Buscher now available to entertain and educate your children.

In truth, it's more likely to entertain than educate, but if you like the idea of your little one being an architect, it's the perfect place to start. During her training at Bauhaus in 1924, Alma Siedhoff-Buscher designed this building game, as part of the children’s room in the 'Am Horn' model house in Weimar.

Now it's available once more – a 22-piece set retails for £99.

Find out more at the Lollipop Shoppe website

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Remote-controlled A-Team van at Firebox


Officially licensed and newly-available in the Uk, you can re-live your childhood with a remote-controlled A-Team van, just like the one out of the 80s TV show.

Complete with characteristic red stripe, red wheels and tyres, roof lights and rooftop spoiler, it can zip around your home at lightning speed, with a remote control taking it forward, reverse, left, right, while machine gun and theme tune sounds should take you back, kicking and screaming a good 25 years.

Get it while it's hot – £24.99 is the price.

Find out more at the Firebox website