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Trailer for 60s-based remake of Brighton Rock now online

At last (but still well ahead of the February 4th 2011 release date), we have the trailer for the remake of Brighton Rock.

As you might well know, this is an updated remake, the original era being shifted by 30 years or so to the early 1960s, throwing in some parka-clad mods and scooters for added effect. Check it out now below:


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Soulboy – 1970s northern soul film hits the big screen this summer


There has been talk of a northern soul film for years, but 2010 could see at least two on the big screen. Alongside the 'in production' Northern Soul (indeed, ahead of it to be honest) comes Soulboy, which is heading your way very soon.

So, the plot as told to us thus far: 1974. Power cuts, strikes and boot-boy aggro on the terraces. Flares, Chopper bikes and beer at fourteen pence a pint. Joe McCain, 17 and restless, is bored with the flatline tedium of a life that seems like it's going nowhere. Enter Jane, moving to the beat of a music that Joe's never heard, a vision of loveliness who opens the door to a whole world of sound, movement and all-nighter dancing at The Wigan Casino – the home of Northern Soul! Swept along on this tide of pulsating dance and lust, Joe finally finds somewhere he belongs and the acceptance and true love he yearns for.

You can check out the trailer over the page. It's due to hit various cinemas over the summer, look out for preview screenings in your area before the general release. More at the website.

Update: The two-CD soundtrack is now available to buy. You can see the full tracklisting and more details at the Amazon website.

Further update: A review of the DVD is now online, you can read it here.

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Coming soon: 60s-based movie Made in Dagenham

Another movie inspired by the past is heading to the big screen this summer – Made in Dagenham.

The film stars Sally Hawkins as Rita O'Grady who is the catalyst for the 1968 Ford Dagenham strike by 187 sewing machinists which led to the advent of the Equal Pay Act.  Working in impoverished conditions and doing long hours, the women at the Ford Dagenham plant finally lay down their tools when they are reclassified as 'unskilled'. Unwilling to accept it, they take on their corporate paymasters, an increasingly belligerent local community, and finally the government itself. 

As well as Sally Hawkins, the cast includes Bob Hoskins, Miranda Richardson, Rosamund Pike, Jaime Winstone, Geraldine James, Andrea Riseborough, Daniel Mays, Kenneth Cranham, Roger Lloyd-Pack, Rupert Graves and John Sessions. Check out the trailer below.