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Where’s Wally Shoulder Bag from Truffle Shuffle

Well you've finally found him, on your arm, the Where's Wally shoulder bag from Truffle Shuffle is a saviour for fans of the mysteriously dissapearing character whose hiding days are finally over.

It was 1987 when the Where's Wally books were first published in his fetching bobble hat and striped jumper and if you spent a good portion of your youth searching for Wally, you deserve to own this bag.

The bag measures 13.5 x 10 inches with an adjustable strap and you can claim yours for £24.99 at Truffle Shuffle.

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Cassette-shaped tote bag at Truffle Shuffle


Novelty bags don't come much quirkier than this Cassette-shaped tote bag, which is currently for sale at Truffle Shuffle.

It is what it says – a large bag shaped like an old cassette tape, with a handle that looks not unlike some that loose tape that always hung out of old cassettes.

Ideal for a beach or shopper, but especially good for getting you attention, it sells for £7.99.

Find out more at the Truffle Shuffle website