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Ladybird Books homeware collection from Designed in Colour

Ladybird mug collection

We've had the Ladybird prints and posters. We've even had the Ladybird guides for grown-ups. Here's the opportunity to add even more childhood nostalgia into your life with the Ladybird Books homeware collection from Designed in Colour.

In stock from mid-November, the distinctive imagery of the Ladybird books has been applied across mugs, tea towels and magnets. They're all inspired by the alphabet – A is for apple, B is for balloon – and so on, and the range is sure to prompt a fond memory or two. 

The tea towels are priced at £10 each, while you can pick up the entire alphabet of mugs for £260. 

See the range online

Apple ladybird mug
Ladybird Ink teatowel

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