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Icon blackboards from Ghost Furniture

We've previously featured the vintage blackboards of Ghost Furniture. They've given a twist to their designs with this new range of Icon blackboards.

The blackboards are each decorated with the silhouette of an iconic star. So you've got Twiggy sat in the corner of the frame that's pictured above, or you could pick Marilyn with skirt blowing up taken from The Seven Year Itch. Other designs feature Madonna, Audrey Hepburn and Coco Chanel, surely meaning there is one for any preference of style. 

Each blackboard is a unique piece, so prices vary. As an indication the Twiggy blackboard is being sold for £125. 

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eBay watch: 1960s Crestworth Twiggy lamp


An interesting, unusual and we would guess, quite rare design on eBay right now – this 1960s Crestworth Twiggy lamp.

Designed in the 1960s and produced into the early 70s, it actually has a look of an early piece (think 1950s for that frame). For your money, you get that distinctive tubular aluminium frame with the rubber ball feet, finished off with a bakelite bulb holder, screw-on shade, which is made of spun aluminium with a 'grey furry' covering.

The size is adjustable, going to a total length of 44cm, while condition is described as 'excellent'. Some bids already placed, but still at only £27.

Find out more at the eBay website