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Brennan and Burch tape wall stickers


Long surpassed as a music format, the cassette tape still remains a favourite with designers. Another new product using its instantly recognisable form is this set of tape wall stickers from Brennan and Burch.

The work of illustrator Lisa Brennan, there are six different printed vinyl designs in a pack, which measures 50cm square. With a fun, cartoonish element and though it's the wrong era of musical technology, the bright colours give them a Pop feel. 

Apparently a limited edition (though I'm not sure exactly how limited), a pack costs £30. 

Buy them from Culturelabel

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Jukebox wall sticker


If you no longer buy vinyl or can't afford the actual thing, you can attempt to capture the cool of an actual jukebox with this jukebox wall sticker. It's a very simplified outline of a Wurlitzer (with the company logo being replaced by the word 'juke box') in mono colour. 

The sticker is made to order by a French company and comes in over 30 colours and, though much cheaper than an original model, is hardly a budget model. The smallest version for sale (150cm by 89cm) costs £98 while the largest version, at double that height, costs an additional £167,

Buy it from Rockett St George