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Love Hate teapot by Welovekaoru

LovehateteapotLooking for a teapot with a bit more attitude than the usual designs? Check out the Love Hate teapot from Welovekarou.

The design is inspired by the 1955 film The Night of the Hunter and the Love/Hate tattoos across character Harry Powell's knuckles. One side of the teapot shows Love, illustrated by a traditional tattoo style heart and doves. The other side of course shows hate – portrayed by a dagger going through a heart. Something to ponder over a pot of tea!

The teapot costs £60 while you can get the same design on a cup and saucer for £28 for a cup and saucer. 

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Welovekaoru nautical tea service


You may remember Welovekaoru's nautical but nice tea cup and saucer featured last year. Well, the design has now been applied to an entire tea service

The service includes all the mugs and plates you'll need to set sail on the high seas for high teas in high style. All the items are decorated with the blue and white stripe and anchor insignia and the design of the objects, such as the elegant shape of the teapot, suits the pattern well. The set is made in England from bone china. 

Prices range from £10 for a sugar bowl and go up to £50 for the all important teapot. 

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Nautical tea cup and saucer from welovekaoru

Nautical mug

Nautical looks are a long standing staple for retro clothing scene and they seem to be moving slowly into homewares – probably because historically most things used on boats are practical but not pretty. This nautically inspired tea cup and saucer made by welovekaoru happily fulfils both those categories. 

While the old-fashioned looking anchor bearing the words 'Steady as she goes' taps into the trend for designs bearing sailor-style tattoos, the hand-painted blue stripe against the white of the cup and saucer keeps it looking nice and fresh. It's the perfect thing for teaming with one of the many sailor inspired outfits out there. 

The tea cup and saucer costs £22. 

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