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Donna Wilson Sprig tableware range for SCP

Donna Wilson sprig side plate

We've seen the attractive results of Donna Wilson's work for SCP on furniture including the Eadie armchair and the Mabel sofa. Now she's applying her same retro styling to SCP's first china collection: the Sprig tableware range. 

The range covers jugs, mugs, cups and saucers, salad bowls and the plate pictured above. Each piece features a variation on the 1950s-esque pattern of leaves and other flora and comes in a choice of three colourways. 

Prices range from £12.95 for the mug up to £53 for the salad bowl. The side plate costs £19.50.

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Nautical tea cup and saucer from welovekaoru

Nautical mug

Nautical looks are a long standing staple for retro clothing scene and they seem to be moving slowly into homewares – probably because historically most things used on boats are practical but not pretty. This nautically inspired tea cup and saucer made by welovekaoru happily fulfils both those categories. 

While the old-fashioned looking anchor bearing the words 'Steady as she goes' taps into the trend for designs bearing sailor-style tattoos, the hand-painted blue stripe against the white of the cup and saucer keeps it looking nice and fresh. It's the perfect thing for teaming with one of the many sailor inspired outfits out there. 

The tea cup and saucer costs £22. 

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Sagaform retro tea cup and saucer

Sagaform tea cup and saucer

The title of this product makes no secret that it's looking back a few decades: Sagaform have named this the retro tea cup and saucer, part of several pieces in a new 'retro' range. Lotta Odelius has looked to the 1950s to produce this attractive pattern, featuring naturally-inspired blue and green shapes on a white base. 

This tea cup and saucer costs £14.50 while a storage jar featuring the same pattern is available for £12.50. 

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