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Retro floral greetings cards

Normal_RETRO_GROUP_1 Although sending emails is as natural as breathing to most people, it can never beat the excitement of receiving a letter in the post and these floral greetings cards are the ideal way to start writing again.

Whether it's a long lost friend half way around the world, or one of your neighbours, cards say a little more than emails and these pretty designs by Yuyu are a cheerful way to say hello.

A pack of five costs £6.50 online.

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Yuyu Limited Edition “Retro” Screen Prints

Yuyu is a design collective consisting of graphic designer Mark McKeown, textile/surface-pattern designer Julie-Anne Hughes, and their cat Doris.

Pictured here is the print they simply called “Retro”, which is one of a collection of limited edition designs that have resulted from the screen printing course that they run in Leeds. There are two variations on the print available, one is shades of blue, the other in oranges, but both use 3 colours, measures 40cm by 50cm and is limited to 100 copies.

The “Retro” print costs £25 (unframed) from the I Love Yuyu website.