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Bombus vintage comic book furnishings


Bombus do two great things – firstly, they recycle discarded furniture and secondly, they give it character with some very smart retro designs, in this case, using vintage comic books to bring them back to life.

Amelia at Bombus collects vintage coffee tables and chairs form various sources, in particular, anything in need of customisation – for example, the formica could be peeling or the wood scratched. The furniture is then coupled with a comic or magazine from a similar era, with the two combining to create a unique retro-styled item for your home. Or if there’s something in your home that needs an added spark, they can customise that too.

Obviously, this means every item is unique/bespoke, so an example of price is quite difficult. However, as a guide, this Spiderman table is around £255. Check after the fold for some more examples of items created by Bombus.

Find out more at the Bombus website


  • Brett

    I can’t seem to get onto Bombus website to look at the furniture designs. Is there an email to contact them?

  • Josh

    Hi i was wondering where you get your vintage comics form to decoupage the products?