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Predicta Meteor – retro space age TV set

No, this isn’t the work of a mad 50s scientist, Predicta is a modern company making TVs heavily influenced by mid-century design.

Check out the Predicta website for the full range of weird and wonderful TVs and more details on our favourite model, the Predicta Meteor. Designed by Mike L. Scott, the Meteor has aircraft-inspired legs, a hand-built hardwood cabinet and a 24-inch screen, which pivots on a polished brass collar.

And although these TVs are designed to fit into period houses, they’re still packed with the latest technology – easily connecting up with your cable/satellite supplier and video/DVD player.

Now the bad news – well for some of us. These are only currently available in the US. And even if you’re in the US, pricing is incredibly vague. So if you’re in the US, drop them an email for a quote for your chosen set. And for those of us outside – we’ll keep you posted as soon as they become available here.

Find out more at the Predicta website