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Pure Marshall Amplifier DAB radio

Marshall_amp_digital Good news for all you old rockers – Pure has introduced the Marshall Amp DAB radio – and yes, the volume really does go up to 11!

The full name is the Pure EVOKE-1XT Marshall Edition DAB digital radio. The casing is wrapped in a black vinyl with solid wood construction, brass-effect control panel and a black metallic speaker grille – just like a traditional Marshall amp. The radio promises "direct-from-the-studio" sound, along with a countdown timer, radio/tone alarm and a USB slot, so you can plug in your portable player (but not your Gibson Les Paul).

Available now for a limited time from John Lewis, Richer Sounds and selected independent retailers for just under £100. Oh yes – and the bloke in the picture is Alice Cooper. Thankfully, he’s not included.

Pure website

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