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Wild and Wolf re-launches the Ericofon as the ScandiPhone

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We featured the Ericofon (or the Cobra as it’s known in Europe) some time back, describing it as the world’s coolest house phone. Well, it must be – I have one! But there is a downside, which is the ever-increasing price of good condition originals on the vintage market.

That could change with the introduction of the ScandiPhone by Wild and Wolf. The company doesn’t use the word ‘Ericofon’ in its advertising, but you only need to look at the picture to see that this is pretty much identical to the early models of the handset. But there are some differences – this new one-piece phone has push button dialing (like the later model I own and use daily), a redial button, ringer volume and a tone/pulse switch.

The company will be selling these in a variety of colours, but you can only pre-order one on red right now at the V&A, priced at £45 – considerably cheaper than a mint condition vintage model.

Find out more at the V&A website

3 thoughts on “Wild and Wolf re-launches the Ericofon as the ScandiPhone

  1. I own a vintage Ericofon and must agree this is the coolest one around. If yours ever fails or shows problems, has spare parts, servicing tips, even plastic casts for all ericofon models. Saved mine from a failed receiver and it’s working as new now.

  2. i have a vintage retro ericofon and would like to sell it. the rubber at the bottom has worn but it works, any ideas as to who to contact? thank you. alison

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