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Bjarne Bo vintage graters and slicers


If you’re looking for something to brighten up your kitchen, check out these vintage graters and slicers by Bjarne Bo.

Dating back to 1965 and available in a range of bright colours, you can opt for  the grater, which is  made from a very strong melamine or the slicer/mandolin, also made of melamine but with a metal blade.

Note these are vintage (not repro) items, with the condition classed as "good". You can pick one up for £8.50 or one of each for £16.

Find out more at the Classic Modern website

  • rudy

    have each of these
    found in my mom’s kitchen back in 65 or so
    being guarded with my life
    never found anything like it

  • Np

    My mother has one of these exact slicers for cucumbers how do i purchase one????

  • Gisela Seagraves

    I just used one at my sister’s house. It’s great. Where can I buy one in the US by mail order or locally in Connecticut? I’d love to have a cucumber slicer. Thanks