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Fred Perry cycling shirt

Despite looking suspiciously like Coventry City’s home kit from the late 1970s, this take on the cycling shirt from Fred Perry is still quite an eye-catching top.

This is an Italian-made 100% cotton cycling shirt, in sky blue with dark blue and white trim. There’s also a zip-up round neck collar with Fred Perry laurel wreath embroided on the chest

Available from Hip in Leeds, priced at £85.

Find out more from the Hip Leeds website

  • julian

    and its not even a breathable fabric,so will soak up sweat like a sponge…eeeuuuugh!
    missed a trick there i think,looks great,but a cotton cycling shirt is as much use as a chocolate ashtray

  • Bazza

    You moron Julian! You aren’t supposed to actually go cycling in it! (Bangs head on table in despair)

  • Gerry

    Yes Bazza you are correct, howvever, it is very over priced at £85. Does look nice but like all Fred Perry stuff over priced simply because people are silly enough to pay it. Unlike Ben Sherman which comes down in price not long after release.

  • So why do you think the Ben Sherman stuff gets reduced so quickly?

  • Gerry

    Well David if you know anything about economics, the price any good fetches, is based on demand & supply. So the manufactors set as high as price as they think they will get and if it does not sell they reduce the price. Fred Perry have deliberatly limited the supply of their new cycling shirts. Thus, causing a high demand. People want to be seen to have one and will buy them if they can afford them or get themselves into debt if they can’t. To quote the Jam: “The only one smiling is the sun tanned boss”. And I am sure the Directors and Shareholders at Fred Perry are very sun tanned. The Ben Sherman goods are reduced as the supply is not as limited.

  • Not because Ben Sherman can’t shift their stock then?
    You can still buy the FP cycling shirts – see the Hanon site for example.

  • Gerry

    Note my respone to David Walker has not been posted. Obviously offended those with vested interested in the industry. Obviously, don’t want to get people thinking too much about what goes on behind the glossy facade of the industry.
    Will not be visiting this site any more.

  • ??????

  • Gerry

    Couldn’t help checking if my previous comment which alluded to the exploitation of workers in the third world by High Street fashion labels was posted. I see it hasn’t. Although I see David has also been interested in my comments. I am afraid David you did not get to see it. However, regards David and I am sorry if my comment regarding economics may have been a pit patronising. Didn’t intend to offend. Regards and Au Revoir.