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Art Deco Fabrics – 1920s and 30s upholstery


You’re not going to find a period sofa in your local sofa emporium, but you can have one made. And if you’re doing that – and want an Art Deco look – you can pick up the material at Art Deco Fabrics.

All the cloths are re-issues of original 1920s and 30s cut moquette designs, mainly for use with upholstery, but are also good for curtain making, wall covering or screen making. And if you don’t know a good furniture-maker, the company will be launching a range of Art Deco chairs and sofas that be upholstered with the fabric of your choice.

Delivery time is six weeks and all stock is limited – see the website for the full range.

Art Deco Fabrics website

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